Gumballs and Dungeons: Lost Temple Maze

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• Maze 1 (Cost 1 Vigor; 10 Floors)

• Maze 2 (Cost 1 Vigor; 20 floors)

• Maze 3 (Cost 1 Vigor; 25 Floors)

Special Instances

Throughout your exploration, you’ll be collecting elemental crystals, either through defeating enemies or finding them. You will come across Altars. You can combine your crystals to gain many effects which range from earning items to increasing stats. Below is a list of all Elemental Crystal Combinations. The following combinations will be indicated by the colored specific crystals.

FIRE – R  / EARTH – Y / WATER – B /AIR – G

• YYY: MP +15

• BBB: HP +15

• RRR: Attack +1

• GGG: Power +1

• YYB: Receive Knight’s Helmet

• BBR: Cast Recovering

•RRG: Cast Blade of Ruin

• GGY: Receive Lightning Boots

• YYR: Receive Apprentice’s Amulet

• BBG: Receive Water Spirit’s Cape

• RRY: Cast Armageddon

• GGB: Receive 3 Star Mints

• YYG: Receive Granite Gloves

• BBY: Cast Aurora Barrier

• RRB: Cast Implosion

• GGR: Receive 5 Vanilla Flour

• YBY: Summon Workshop

• BRB: Summon Fountain

• RGR: Receive 3 Fantasy Fruits

• GYG: Receive 100 EP

• YRY: Receive 5 Magic Irons

• BGB: Receive 3 Fairy Spring

• RYR: Receive Apprentice’s Ring

• GBG: Summon Scroll Shop

• YGY: Receive 5 Lizard’s Spawn

• BYB: Receive Knight’s Armor

• RBR: Summon Treasure Shop

• GRG Cast Fist of Heaven

• YBB: Cast Feature Erasing

• BRR: Cast Recovering

• RGG: Receive 5 Cream Berry

• GYY: Receive 1000 Coins

• YRR: Receive 3 Dark Steels

• BGG: Receive 5 Magic Bean Pods

• RYY: Cast Armageddon

• GBB: Cast Timestill

• YGG: Cast Gravity

• BYY: Cast Aurora Barrier

• RBB: Cast Feature Erasing

• GRR: Cast Chain Lightning

• YBR: Cast Super Earthquake

• BRG: Receive 3 Soul Crystals

• RGY: Receive 1000 Coins

• GYB: Receive Knight’s Belt

• YRB: Cast Implosion

• BGY: Cast Hex

• RBG: Receive Fire Warlock’s Necklace

• GYR: Receive Apprentice’s Boots

• YGB: Receive 3 Blue Crystal Gel

• BRY: Receive 5 Crystals

• RYG: Cast Blade of Ruin

• GBR: Cast Chain Lightning

• YGR: Cast Super Earthquake

• BYG: Cast Fist of Heaven

• RBY: Summon Air Elemental

• GRB: Cast Timestill

• YBG: Cast Gravity

• BGR: Summon Earth Elemental

• RYB: Receive Knight’s Gloves

• GRY: Cast Hex

• YRG: Summon Water Elemental

• BYR: Receive Apprentice’s Cape

• RGB: Receive 100 EP

• GBY: Summon Fire Elemental

There are a few special instances that you may encounter when combining elemental crystals.

• Unique elemental altar

Use three of the same element crystals to unlock a portal; Fight a giant elemental to obtain its heart, some crystals, and three items from an elemental set

You can use the S/L 30 method to push the cave deeper and try for a different element

Only appears once per run

Corpses & Obtainable Items

• Adventurer’s Corpse

• Common Loot: Jones’ Diary and Crystal Skull

• Farplane Ranger Loot:  Jone’s Soul – Receive one elemental crystal each floor

• Strange Corpse

• Common Loot: Alien Helmet or Predator Gene

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Predator’s Soul – Hunting Ceremony effect (Inflicts 300% damage against a single boss, lasts for one floor)

• Bear Gryll’s Corpse

• Common Loot: Ragged Recipe

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Bear’s Soul – Immune to all negative effects

• Pilgrim’s Corpse

• Common Loot: Spells, Mage’s Suit parts, or Crystals

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Complete Pilgrim’s Soul – Attack +1/Power +1;Broken Pilgrim’s Soul – Recovers 20 HP and MP

• Strange Corpse

• Common Loot: Alien Spawn

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Alien’s Soul – 10% Extra damage against elemental enemies

• Woman’s Corpse

• Common Loot: Desert Eagle

• Farplane Ranger Loot: Laura’s Soul – Desert Eagle power is enhanced

• Amulet of Light Arbiter Fragments

• Accumulate enough fragments to forge the Amulet of Light Arbiter (Attack +3/HP +40)

• Cloak of Holy Rune Master Fragments

• Accumulate enough fragments to forge the Cloak of Holy Rune Master (power +2/MP +20)

• Star Mint / Star Mint / Blue Crystal Gel / Fairy Spring

• Ingredients used for creating Gumball Food Rank 2-3

• Dark Steel / Soul Crystal

• Can be used to combine exclusive Rank 3 gumballs weapons

Enemy Encounters

• Rock Golem

• Skill: Launches an attack every two turns

• Common Loot Drop: No Available Common Loot Drop

• Rare Loot Drop: Quenching Essence

• Air Elemental

• Skill: Immune to all air spells and has a high dodge rate

• Common Loot Drop: Air Elemental Crystal

• Rare Loot Drop: Triple the Amount of Air Elemental Crystals

• Earth Elemental

• Skill: Immune to all earth spells and reflects 30% damage received of damage taken, gives damage resistance to friendly targets

• Common Loot Drop: Earth Elemental Crystal

• Rare Loot Drop: Triple the Amount of Earth Elemental Crystals

• Water Elemental

• Skill: Immune to all water spells and heals friendly targets every two turns

• Common Loot Drop: Water Elemental Crystal

• Rare Loot Drop: Triple the Amount of Water Elemental Crystals

• Fire Elemental

• Skill: Immune to all fire spells, counter attacks and burns the target for three turns

• Common Loot Drop: Fire Elemental Crystal

• Rare Loot Drop: Triple the Amount of Fire Elemental Crystal

• Stone Colossus Boss

• Skill:

• Statue’s Fury: Every three turns, when anger is full, summons a Rock Golem, otherwise deals 300% damage to Gumball

• Demonized Armor: Increases fury when damaged by spells, and increases Physical and Magical resistance

• Common Loot Drop: Crystal Skull

• Rare Loot Drop: May drop one Lord of Elemental’s Heart/Lord of Fire Elemental’s Heart/Lord of Air Elementals Heart/Lord of Water Elemental’s Heart


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