Yaoi mobile game Nexus Code is ready for pre-registration

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Today, Frontier Works annocued a new yaoi visual novel for mobile, Nexus Code (ネクサスコード). Pre-registration is now open. It will launch in Winter 2017.


There is a secret special force under the national security organisation.

Half of the force is hired officially, while the other half has criminal records. They have to partner up in a team of two and investigate into matters that can never be made public.

What is the truth behind the storm that is approaching them?


Pre-Registration Rewards

500: Stamina refill item x2
1,000: Gacha ticket x1
2,000: Gacha ticket x10
3,000: Gacha ticket x3 + shard item x15
5,000: Gacha ticket x1 + story ticket x5

Official Site

【BL】ネクサスコード NEXUS CODE 【BL】ネクサスコード 株式会社ビットワークス・ジャパン 4.0 More
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