2017 Nov Week #1 Explore Disneyland and HK Tea Restaurants in This Weeks Selection of QooApp Weekly!

Mr. Qoo

Video Version:

Ride Zero

Gamer Reactions:
“Only Available in ENG and KR, I want to know what the Story is!”
“The combat simulation is quite a fresh idea.”
“The art and music in the game is quite unique.”

Looking at the gameplay, you can easily mistake this game as a mobile shooter gamer, but Ride Zero is actually a rhythm game.The game is rich in visual elements, and the music in the game is not bad! definitely a game worth checking out.

Disney TsumTsum Land


Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“They have the stupid PaniPani Capsule System”
“If you don’t pay, you won’t be able to collect all the characters. Strange…”
“The pace of the game cannot be compared to the original TsumTsum…”

A game that combines TsumTsum with the classic Bubble Dragon gameplay. Alas, the game isn’t as captivating as the original, characters are a lot harder to collect than the original, prompting players to pay in order to collect them all.

Moeru Mahjong

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Enemy’s difficulty is a little too much…”
“There are still games like this in this generation, thank god!”
“The problem is not a lot of people like games like this.”

Essentially, this game is a censored version of nijiyome’s R18 Moeru Mahjong made for the mobile platform. Without all cross the line ecchi elements, will you still play the game?

I Love Tea Restaurant

Gamer Reactions:
“There’s an option to get free Gems from watching ads, not bad!”
“The entire game has an HK feel to it! The music feels really familiar.”
“Too little instructions played for a while and started to get lost already.”

A game that captivates the iconic HK tea restaurant culture with whimsical music and live recordings from the streets of HK. The gameplay follows the structure of restaurant simulations. The game doesn’t force players to pay and freem gems are quite easy to obtain. Not bad, for a casual game.

Paid Game of the Week

Price: HK$19.9

Game Type:
Mystery Solving

Lots of Stages
Interesting Characters, Fresh Gameplay

Players lead characters to their respective tile, during the process, players can fast forward or rewind. Quite an interesting idea.

ディズニー ツムツムランド Disney Tsum Tsum Land | Japanese ディズニー ツムツムランド COLOPL, Inc. 4.3 More麻雀ゲーム『萌えろ麻雀』美少女と一緒に全国制覇を目指す麻雀ゲームアプリ 麻雀『萌えろ麻雀』美少女と一緒に全国制覇を目指す麻雀ゲームアプリ 麻雀ゲーム『萌えろ麻雀』美少女と一緒に全国制覇を目指す麻雀ゲームアプリ NE銀潤株式会社 2.7 More라이드제로 RIDE ZERO 라이드제로 LoadComplete 4.2 MoreI Love HKCafe I Love Tea Restaurant I Love HKCafe Koocell Games Limited
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