Coming mobile RPG Kirara Fantasia's new trailer reveals gameplay

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Today, Manga Time Kirara’s coming mobile game Kirara Fantasia (きららファンタジア) published a system introduction trailer to explain the gameplay.

Kirara Fantasia features characters from manga published on Manga Time Kirara as well as original characters created for the game. Produced by Drecom and published by Aniplex, it is currently available for pre-registration.

Manga Featured 

■ Ume Aoki’s Hidamari Sketch
■ Kuroda BB’s A Channel
■ Cloba.U’s Magic of Stella
■ Sadoru Chiba’s School-Live!
■ Shotaro Tokuno’s NEW GAME!
■ Yui Hara’s Kin-iro Mosaic
■ Harikamo’s Urara Meirocho
■ Komata Mikami’s Yuyushiki


The game has a main story in which players are required to complete quests. Each character also has her own story.


Players can select an enemy and hit it with a character. There will be three types of attacks to choose from. The “timeline” allows players to arrange attacks.

Once the “Totteoki” bar is filled, skills can be initiated.


The gacha pool is for summoning characters but not weapons and skills.


The shopping area is where players can make weapons, gears, and purchase furnitures for decorating their rooms.

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Mobile RPG Kirara Fantasia is ready for pre-registration
Kirara Fantasia Pre-Registration Milestone Updated

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