Who is going to be Bulma? Dragon Ball voice actress found dead on highway

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Hiromi Tsuru
(Source: Aoni Production)

Famous for voicing Dragon Ball’s Bulma and Anpanman’s Dokin-chan, voice actress Hiromi Tsuru (鶴ひろみ) was found to be unconscious on a highway in Tokyo at 19:42 on 16th November. She was pronounced dead at the age of 57 after being sent to a hospital. The cause was aortic dissection.



Tsuru started her career as a child actress. In 1978, She became a professional voice actress for her role as Perrine in The Story of Perrine. Since then, she voiced a number of iconic characters including Dragon Ball’s Bulma, Anpanman’s Dokin-chan, Kimagure Orange Road’s Madoka Ayukawa, Ranma 1/2’s Ukyo Kuonji, Ghost Sweeper Mikami: The Great Paradise Battle!!’s Reiko Mikami, Silent Möbius’ Kiddy Phenil, and Trigun’s Meryl Stryfe.

In recent year, Tsuru focused mainly on narration jobs.

Anpanman’s production said they hadn’t decided on Tsuru’s replacement. There is no news from Dragon Ball’s anime production yet.


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