2017 Nov Week #4 Fulfill Your Destiny, Collect Them All with New Collectible RPGs!

Mr. Qoo

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Destiny Child JP

QooApp Weekly

Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Ero, Beautiful, Masterpiece!”
“A rubbish game that only sells looks.”
“The game system is several years old.”

With characters designed by Kim-Hyung Tae, the designer behind the characters of Ps2’s Magna Carta destiny Child is a mobile collectible RPG featuring an abundance of incredibly well designed characters with well made Live2D models. Originally the game was released in Korean, but with the newly released Japanese version, the game is now fully voiced in Japanese.

Majority of the game play is just AUTO, but the main point of the game isn’t with the game’s mechanics, but with the characters designs of the legendary Kim-Hyung Tae.

Phantom Chaser

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Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“Okay, I’m only here for the Yokai element.”
“The game is quite challenging, isn’t it? My characters always die.
“Yet another Korean farming game, but the character designs and theme is pretty good.”

The Chinese version of Yokai Saga. The game falls under the frame of your typical collectible RPG. Players collect different characters and builds their own team to take on different stages, raids and other players. The game features a unique Yokai theme which isn’t seen often in mobile games, this alone makes it worth trying.

Eternal Linkage

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Japanese Gamer Reactions:
“The character designs are alright, but the 3D isn’t up to date.”
“Not as bad as everyone says. Item discovery seems pretty interesting”
“Looking at the current mobile games, it’s not that bad…”

Ever since Granblue Fantasy, games with similar art styles have been popping up left and right, Eternal Linkage is one of the latest to the collection. The core gameplay of Eternal Linkage is quite solid, with different collectible elements to occupy players attention and raids for players to challenge. However,, the game lacks innovation, making it quite easy to get over.


Gamer Reactions:
“Poor man’s Diablo.”
“Not bad for a free-to-play mobile game.”
“If you’re lost on what character to play, pick the lady.”

Basically Diablo on mobile. players explores the map taking out monsters of all shape and sizes. The game is a typical dungeon crawler without pay-to-win elements. If you’re a fan of Diablo and you’re looking for a casual game to kill time, Eternium may be just what you’re looking for.


Paid Game of the Week

Sakura Reverie
Price: USD3.99

A Text Adventure game set in the world of Sakura Scroll, players will be able to interact with a variety of new girls in the school, different conversational options will lead have different effects on the story, changing the final ending.

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