Mobile otome game Palette Parade unveils 5 more voice actors

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Silicon Studio’s upcoming mobile otome title Palette Parade (パレットパレード) has revealed the third batch of voice actors.  The previous announced cast members include Ryota Osaka, KENN, Natsuki Hanae, and seven more.

The latest voiced characters are Jean-Francois Millet, Jean Frederic Bazille, Claude Monet, Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix.

Jean Frederic Bazille 

Voiced by Toshiki Masuda, Jean looks like he doesn’t care, but he usually cares. Quick-witted and practical also.

Claude Monet

Monet is voiced by Wataru Hatano. He is loved by everyone for his cheerful attitude. The “squad leader” of Renoir, Sisley and Bazille.

Jean-Francois Millet

Voiced by Kenji Akabane, Jean doesn’t understand why he has such an unfortunate life despite being a hardworking person. He yearns for elegance but at the same time resents it a bit. A gardening buddy of Monet!

Ferdinand Victor Eugene Delacroix

Voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima, Ferdinand is too lazy to think. He likes rock and roll, yet he desires a romantic lifestyle. He finds Ingres very irritating.

Kuroda Seiki

Voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa, he talks to everyone in the tone of a teacher. A sadist and an idealist.


In Palette Parade, players will play as the acting director of an extremely typical art museum. In this ordinary place, however, there is a group of extraordinary male artists who want to make the museum vibrant again with the female protagonist.

For all characters’ introduction please see here. The first five cast members announced can be found here. The second batch can be found here.

Palette Parade is coming 2018 Summer.

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