Happy Elements Reveals the Third Ensemble Stars! Kiseki Event Visuals!

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Ensemble Stars!

Happy Elements has revealed new visuals for the upcoming third Kiseki (キセキ) Event for their mobile otome idol game Ensemble Stars! In the third event, idols from the previous events will return to create a temporary idol group called Eden.


Made up of Eve’s Hiyori Tomoe (巴 日和) and Jun Sazanami (漣 ジュン) as well as Adam’s Nagisa Ran (乱 凪砂) and Ibara Saegusa (七種 茨). Hiyori and Nagisa are ex-members of Yumenosaki Academy’s “fine”.  The SS in the upcoming event players will have a showdown with “Trickstar”, the unit that defeated fine.

Additionally, during the event, the previous Kiseki stories will be open to players.

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