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Lord of Dungeons

You don’t need a management degree to be the Lord of Dungeons. You just need some tips, which have been summed up for you below!

Conquering & Exploring Areas

Conquering new areas requires a party of up to five companions to battle a set of opposing monsters. The amount and level of monsters varies depending on what type of area it may be (Volcano, Field, Water, Dark, Gorge, Mountain, Beach, Desert, Forest, Sea, Glacier), and how many areas you’ve already conquered prior.

Lord of Dungeons

You may choose a combination of different jobs for your party. A shield knight or two is always recommended to have equipped in your party as they provide a defensive frontline. Occupying the back line with a combination of mages and archers is essential in dealing substantial damage against enemies and healing your wounded companions.

Lord of Dungeons

When you conquer a new area, you may explore the area in search for items and monsters to greet or capture. Clicking on the “Details” tab shows which items you may be able to find in that specific area along with encountering many dungeons and monsters. Dungeons tend to be a much rarer find compared to other monsters and high-tier items.  

Lord of Dungeons

Once you begin exploring an area, you’ll notice that you can only use explorer companions and not combat or station companions. These companions range in ranks and grades just like other companions but are only exclusive for use in areas. Another thing to notice is when you venture to higher tier areas, you may encounter an “Unqualified” banner around your companion. Raising the companions rank/grade to a higher one should allow it to explore that area.

The higher the ranking of a companion, the more likely it’ll be able to explore higher ranked areas.

Construction & Stability

Sometimes not having companions to explore may be a hassle but with construction you can implement camps in areas to automatically explore an area. These camps automatically explore an area and reward you with items discovered but there’s a downfall of camps not being able to discover monsters or dungeons.

Requirements for building a camp in an area are a number of combined MBT, DISK, and Luk. A camp can only be built in trusted areas with an area of intimacy level set at max.

Aside from building camps, Suppressors can be built which stabilize an area over time and attract monsters from new domains. This increases an area’s level of Stability, making it possible to discover new types of fortresses to accommodate visitors. These fortresses can be conquered and may increase Town earnings overtime.

Requirements for building Suppressors are acquiring the title Marquis Rank 6, an intimacy level of Trusting and the area can’t have an active companion exploring.  


Once you’ve set off a companion to explore an area, you’ll notice that a set number of turns will appear on that area. Once that number reaches zero, you’ll be able to complete the exploration and recover any items that your companion may have found.

Ways to deplete the amount of turns needed aside from waiting is completing other tasks. Such as journeying other players domains, fighting monsters, expanding your town, crafting items, completing missions, venturing on dungeons, etc. Almost every task done in-game rewards a set amount of turns once completed. You can set your companions off to venture and work on managing your town, in no time your companions will be done.

Encountering Monsters

Lord of Dungeons

Discovering monsters requires some luck as they’ll spawn at random once completing an exploration. There are three options available, Greet, Capture, and Capture Now.

■ Greet: Greeting the monster will reward trust points, raising the area’s intimacy level. The higher the intimacy level of an area, the greater the chance of finding monsters, good items, and dungeons. There are five intimacy levels ranging from: Very Wary Wary Familiar Close Trusting.

■ Capture: This is the essential way of having a chance to capture a monster. You will have the option to create a party of up to five companions to battle a set of monster(s). Winning the battle will have a chance of either capturing the monster, rewarding you an item, or having the monster flee. The higher a monster’s intimacy level, the higher chance you have in capturing it.

■ Capture Now: As the name implies, this allows you to capture the monster without greeting or battling.

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