Razer Reveals New Gaming Concept “Project Linda” Blurring The Line Between Mobile and Laptop

Mr. QooAndroid

Project Linda

Ever since the release of the Razer Phone, the cult gaming peripheral company Razer has been receiving a lot of attention from fans as well as the mobile gaming industry as a whole. For the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 (CES 2018), Razer revealed a new concept, Project Linda, an unprecedented mobile dock that changes the Razer Phone into a laptop.

The new dock features a 13.3-inch 120MHz display, 200GB internal storage, a fully backlit keyboard powered by Razer Chrome, and a 53.5Wh battery which charges the Razer Phone whilst docked. According to Razer’s specs, the dock can fully charge the Razer Phone up to three times.

From the announcement video, Razer released, Project Linda is made to enhance user’s experience with the Razer Phone, without robbing the highlight from the phone. The dock includes a USB and a USB-Type-C port as well as an earphone port. Utilizing the front speakers on the Razer phone, the dock doesn’t require an inbuilt speaker.

Razer has yet to announce a release date, for the project, and it is still uncertain whether or not this project will make it to the final stages and be sold.

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