BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar for mobile coming this year

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Arc System Work’s BlazBlue franchise will welcome a mobile title, BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar (ブレイブルー オルタナティブ ダークウォー), in 2018. A teaser site has been launched.

BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar

BlazBlue is a 2D fighting series that have had more than 10 titles released on Arcade, PC, consoles, and mobile starting 2008. With that being said, the new mobile game will very likely to be another 2D fighting title.

At the moment, the site unveils only an character – Ciel Sulphur, voiced by Rina Honizumi. She is a mysterious girl that provides assistance to players’ character.

BlazBlue Alternative Darkwar

More details will be announced in due time.

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