Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018 Summary

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Yesterday (11th January), Nintendo released a new Nintendo Direct Mini, showcasing some of the biggest titles the company will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

The Direct started with a remix of the Nintendo DS game, The World Ends with You Final Remix. The World Ends with You is an ARPG released for the Nintendo DS back in 2007. After over a decade since its initial release, Nintendo announces a Switch remake version for the game. Players will be able to utilize the Switch’s touchscreen reminisce the game’s original touch control. The new game will also have a new scenario that ties in with the story. 2018

Secondly, Nintendo revealed new DLCs for Pokken Tournament. The DLCs will come in two waves, bringing new Pokemon like Aegislash, Blastoise and new support Pokemon including Mega-Rayquaza and Mimikyu.

Kirby Star Allies will have new abilities for players to exploit. The game will also have a new feature that allows players to combine the effects of different abilities to create more possibilities. 16th March

Following Kirby News, Nintendo announced the demo for Dragon Quest Builders.

Nintendo then announced a definitive version of Hyrule Warriors, the game that allows players to choose iconic characters from the Legend of Zelda series. The definitive edition will feature all 29 playable characters and include all the maps available in the previous Wii U and Nintendo 3DS version. Link and Zelda will have The Breathe of the Wild outfits.

Fans of Mario Tennis rejoice, as Mario Tennis Aces is expected for spring 2018 for Nintendo Switch! Not much about the game has revealed other than the game having Story Mode.

Yesterday’s Direct also revealed that YSVIII Lacrimosa of Dana from the classic RPG series YS, will also be coming to switch. The game is expected for Summer 2018.

Those who enjoyed Mario Odyssey will be glad to know that the game will be receiving several new online content modes, new outfits, and new filters! The updates will be released next month in February.

The Nintendo Switch will also be receiving a new fighting game featuring SNK’s iconic heroines. SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy will allow players to customize their favorite SNK girls and fight other players in 2vs 2 tag team battles. The game is expected in Summer 2018.

More on fighting games, the Direct also announced that ACA New Geo Art of fighting II is now available at the Nintendo eShop.

A new Mario Rabbids trailer was also released showing a new Donkey Kong DLC. The DLC will be released in Spring.

Nintendo then confirmed the coming of Payday 2 for Nintendo Switch. The Switch version will introduce new heists and a new character, Japanese hacker Joy, who rocks a LED mask. Payday 2 will be available February 27th.

New gameplay footage for Fe has been released, showing more on the mystical world players can explore. The game is due out 16th February.

The Direct also showed Celeste, a retro pixel platformer due out on 25th January.

More on Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze was revealed in the Direct, mainly introducing a new character Funky Kong who can avoid spikes and more with his surfboard. The game is due out 4th May.

Finally, Nintendo released a short trailer for Dark Souls Remastered! However other than the game’s 25th May release date, no other information was revealed.

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