Trust your instincts, Helix Horizon pre-registration now available!

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The global version of Helix Horizon, the Japanese-styled mobile RPG, is now available for pre-registration! To pre-register for the game, simply look for the pre-registration event inside the Event page in QooApp (App Version) and follow the event details. Find out more about the game below.

<Helix Horizon Official Press Release>

Helix Horizon is a orthodox Japanese RPG game with incredible visuals and a star-studded voice cast! In addition to beautiful screen bring you wonderful visual enjoyment, the biggest characteristic of gameplay is creating a Ring Out system , so that makes every battle to bring you a different experience of wits.
Pre-registration now available on :

Helix Horizon

The game is a copyrighted work based on the anime’s original title, preserving intriguing storylines and a compelling character system, and using both the voice and music system of the Japanese seiyuu, giving players the best experience and familiarity.

The battle system or character will be divided into five main classes: Warrior, Knight, Craft, Master and Priest , corresponding to the front, middle, and rear positions of the team in a horizontal battle area! Of course, Helix Horizon has an extremely rich and diverse character system, each with its own unique attribute and combat stats, giving you countless choices and combinations for players throughout experience process.

In the course of battle, Helix Horizon allows players to build up to 4 cards.So it is not possible to take advantage of all five character at the same time. The best way is to set up a balanced, tank-dps-healer role that is often seen in the traditional RPG genre. In addition, the combat experience of Helix Horizon is also fun, the movement of the character is designed smoothly, combining skill effects beautifully, bringing pleasant feeling and fun.

One of the best features of this game is the “Ring Out” system, with each stage having two sides, allowing the player to push the enemy off the battlefield in a fighting style.Regardless of how much blood the character has left, the player can fall into the same situation when facing a strong enemy.

In other gameplay areas, Helix Horizon has enough resource to grow character or random lottery system to give the opportunity to unlock rare characters. Each card has a unique rarity split, of course the more rare the card, the stronger and also harder to open. Each card or character can be upgraded or bundled into a fully functional combat system.

Helix Horizon pre-registration now available and you can get rewards as blow when opening:

Gold * 10,000
Diamond * 100
SR Certificate * 1 (100% chance to get SR Card)

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