Cave Releases the Very First PV For Sangoku Justice

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Cave has released the first PV for their mobile project, Sangoku Justice (三極ジャスティス), expected for Spring 2018. Additionally, the PV also announced that a Closed Beta will be held soon.

The CBT for Sangoku Justice is expected to be held in late February.  The CBT will have a limit of 4,000 participants, 2,000 for iOS and 2,000 for Android.


2038. Japan is attempting to restore their former glory through lifting the ban on life science and mass producing fine citizens. The ban was lifted to tackle the declining birth rate and population. Neighboring countries strongly opposed the lift of this ban, through their support an anti-government was formed and civil war broke out in Japan.

2040. As the war reached a stalemate, an international crime organization rose up and became a third major power.

A government organization with a motto of “Strong Japan”, an anti-government force that opposes them, and an international crime group that rose to power in the chaos, the three continue to battle for power in a war that leaves Japan without a clear future.

In a world where humans are artificially created and sent to the front lines, death is no longer mourned.

The three powers push Japan to a tomorrow that may never come.

The Three Major Powers


The Control faction is represented by the Kasumigaseki (カスミガセキ) group, led by Hareruya Kyogoku (京極晴也). After a coup d’etat, the group occupied 70 percent of the Japanese territory. The group aims to control Japan through military power.

▍ Freedom

Representing the Freedom faction is Yaoyorozu, led by Tomomi Kamuro – Yaoyurozu Student Council President who is also an artificial human. Yaoyorozu is an anti-government organization that opposes Kasumigaseki’s dictatorship over Japan. The group’s goal is to reclaim the calm peaceful everyday life once seen in Japan.


The Dark Sisters is a criminal organization based in Hokkaido that represents Greed. The group seeks to control Japan economically through weapons manufacturing. Their leader who calls herself “Broken Doll”, is described as a composed young girl who shows no emotions.

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