Mobile RPG God Eater Resonant Ops is coming this Spring

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The wait will soon be over. God Eater’s second mobile game, God Eater Resonant Ops (ゴッドイーター レゾナントオプス), has confirmed its arrival in 2018 Spring.

God Eater Resonant Ops

Resonant Ops is set after the end of the story in God Eater 2 Rage Burst (PSV/PS4/PC). It is going to be a turn-based RPG – a first for the God Eater series. Players’ character, who can be either a girl (CV: Hiro Shimono) or a boy (CV: Naomi Ohzora), is a newbie in the Fenrir headquarter.

God Eater Resonant Ops

Besides old characters like Alisa and Soma, new characters are also created specially for this game.


Pre-registration is still open. Within just a few months, the number of registree has already surpassed the final goal. Not only can players get a free ★4 Alisa (Divider ver.), gems, and a ★4 god arc, they can now receive extra G Gem (enough for five gacha) as a reward for reaching 150,000 registrees. More rewards may be given as the number keeps rising.

God Eater Resonant Ops

10,000: G Gem (gacha once) + God Arc (upgrade material)
30,000: G Gem (gacha once) + God Arc upgrade set
50,000: G Gem (gacha once) + 10,000 FC (currency)
70,000: G Gem (gacha twice) + ★4 God Arc
100,000: G Gem (gacha five times) + ★4 Alisa (Divider ver.)
150,000: G Gem (gacha five times)

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