uBeeJoy’s Manga Game Law of Creation Now Available for Download!

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The English version of Law of Creation’s mobile game adaptation is now available for download! Based on the manga series, players will be able to collect anime-styled characters and experience the manga in an all-new mobile perspective with fully voiced characters! To welcome new players to the game, an ongoing Event for the game is currently available exclusively for OtaQoos (QooApp users)! Simply tap the event button on the game’s QooApp download page and join the “Exclusive Gift for New Players” event! Read more about the game below.

<Official Law of Creation Press Release>

A playable manga-Law of Creation is now available for download. The game is a mobile adaption based on its original manga, preserving intriguing storylines and blending gaming with an immersive manga experience. With full-Japanese voice acting led by Eri Kitamura, players will be immersed in a lively Japanese-style manga world.

In Law of Creation, players take the role of a high-school student Yagita who discovers all of his classmates and teachers have turned into zombies. Saved by the mysterious girl Pandora, Yagita begins to awaken an unknown power from within. He turns out to be a “Spirit Carrier” who can inherit the power of the greats; those of great renown throughout history. The conspiracy
behind zombie mutations and the “Spirit Carriers” is waiting for players to uncover.

The English launch trailer for Law of Creation is also released today, revealing the compelling beginning of the whole story and the introduction of different factions. Let’s meet the manga

In celebration of the game’s launch, new players log in the game can get powerful companions: Rina(SR) and Darwin(SSR) for free! Secret guests will also be invited to join us for this amazing manga adventure. Follow our official FB page and don’t miss any updates!

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