Kuuki Yomenai - 空気読めない

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Kuuki Yomenai (空気読めない), also commonly referred to as KY in Japan, you might have heard of it in some anime series, or you might have heard of it in certain Japanese series/shows, but do you know what it means? This edition of QooPedia breaks down what exactly is a KY.

▲ Nichijou Episode 1

Kuuki Yomenai in Japanese literally means “cannot read the air”, the English counterpart would be “cannot read the room/atmosphere”. The phrase is commonly used to describe a clueless person who has trouble or simply cannot read the mood of the atmosphere, usually resulting in acting out of place or even offending others.

What makes one a KY?

The most obvious trait that makes one a K is the inability to take a hint. Very often, people have a way of presenting negativity in a roundabout way, whether this is due to cultural background or simply politeness doesn’t really matter, since a KY wouldn’t be able to pick it up regardless.

What this usually does is cause awkwardness and discomfort. Not being able to pick up on any hints will also cause the KY to speak in a very direct and straightforward manner and this bluntness can be at times offensive to others, which is what makes a KY, to put simply, not the most welcomed person at a party.

KY Anime Characters:

Yuzuki Seo – Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-kun

Seo is a character that acts almost in complete disregard to the air of the room. In multiple instances, Seo either kills the mood or offends other characters in a comical way. Unfortunately, in real life, that’s not really the case.

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