GameJeans' Mobile MOBA Odin Crown Now Available for Download!

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After a long delay, today (8th February), GameJeans released their mobile MOBA title, Odin Crown!

Odin Crown is a crossover between MOBA and RPG. The plot revolves around the tale of Odin Crown, a relic which is said to be powerful enough to rule the universe. The game features 50 playable characters which players will be able to raise for battles.

To help players who are unfamiliar with MOBA games, Odin Crown has specially designed tutorial missions to help new players understand the game and get familiarized with MOBA strategies. Asides from the traditional 5vs5 game mode, Odin Crown will also feature 1vs1 modes for players to test their personal skills against friends and other players.

In addition to receiving 2500 Rainbow Jewels and 10,000 Gold from the pre-registration event, players will also receive 150 every day for a week!

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