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GameJeans has just released their mobile MOBA title, Odin Crown, for iOS/Android. For all those who have been dying to start playing, here’s a quick guide to bind your account to ensure that you’ll be able to keep your account safe in case of accidents.

<Odin Crown Bind Account>

Step 1.

Odin Crown Bind Account

Step 2.

Step 3.

Step 4. Link Gmail

Continue to bind your account to your Gmail.

Step 5. Bind Account Code & Password

Alternatively, send yourself a Bind Account ID and Password with the button on the right from Step 3. to get to the page below.

When setting a password, the game requires players to use a password with at least One Upper Case Letter, One Lower Case Letter, and One Number. Insert your email address and tick the box to complete this step.

Recovering Your Account

Recover via Code & Password

Recover via Google Place Account (Gmail)

To recover via Gmail, simply tap the button and follow the prompted windows and login to your Gmail. Once completed the game will show a window asking you to confirm if you want to link your account to this device. Simply, tap the link button (light blue button on the right) and you’ll be able to continue playing with your account!

About The Game

Odin Crown is a crossover between MOBA and RPG. The plot revolves around the tale of Odin Crown, a relic which is said to be powerful enough to rule the universe. The game features 50 playable characters which players will be able to raise for battles.

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