Valentine's Day Special: Anime Boys Giveaway!

Mr. Qoo

Anime boys are awesome, but it is even more awesome if they are your Valentine.

On the coming Valentine’s Day (14th February 2018), QooApp will send anime boys to your door. Whether you are in love with Ensemble Star’s vampires, or Touken Ranbu’s kawaii tanto, or the talented actors in A3!, or any other husbando from the series you play/watch day and night – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

It’s easy to get them! All you have to do is to participate in this Valentine’s Day giveaway!


We need you to imagine one thing – How would you reject your favorite anime boy if he asks you to be his waifu/husbando?

Write your answer in English in the comment section below! Tell us who the unlucky one is and which franchise he belongs to, followed by the cruel words you wish to say. Here is an example.

“Archer from Fate:
I am sorry Archer. I love you, but I also ship you with Rin. Please kiss her, not me.”

Three participants with the best, the most creative answers will be chosen! They will receive from us a Valentine’s Day gift of the series/character they love!

Please submit your rejection on or before 13th February 2018. We will announce the winners in a separate post and contact them on QooApp on Valentine’s Day.


■ You must be a QooApp user.

■ Your answer must include the details we require.

■ Answer posted past the due date will not be considered.

■ One person can submit one answer only.

 QooApp reserves the rights of final decisions.

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