Brave Frontier 2: UI Breakdown

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The long awaited Brave Frontier (BF) 2 has finally arrived!

Brave Frontier

With new units to encounter, a rich new story set 20 years after the first Brave Frontier, new content, and new friends to make! Full of many joyful surprises await as you head into the next journey. Below is a guide that makes it easier to navigate throughout this text heavy adventure. Gear up and set forth, young summoner!

Start Screen 


Home: Returns you to the current screen that displays various options. You can switch between Rin and the Avatar by clicking it twice while in the Home screen.

Units: Similar to BF1, access to available units and various options.

Randall: Randall is where you can craft items, buy items, spend and obtain merit points, spend gems, etc. Similar to BF1 Capital Randall’s.

Gems: You can buy Gems with real world currency.

Summon: Access to a variety of banners to summon. Here you can buy individual or batches of units with gems along with summon units with friend points.

Friends: Like BF1, you can add friends and find your ID.


Once Mistral has been completed for the first time, you will unlock Rin’s story. Her story dives deeper into the Lore and gives you access to many more exclusive areas along with a whole new adventure! This is the only significant difference from the original story you have access from the beginning. You’re unable to purchase or summon any units when on Rin’s story.


View/Sell Units: Sell and view all units that have been collected throughout the adventure.

Party: This is where you can view and edit your current party. Positioning your units is important as many bosses have row damaging skills.

Fusion: You can feed metal units or fodders for experience and BB levels using Zel.

Evolve: Quite different from BF1 as there are less evolutionary fodders one can use to evolve units. All units share universal evolution materials, so no need to go hunting for specific elemental evolution units anymore!

Spheres: Here you can view and equip your unit’s various spheres obtained throughout your adventure that grant many bonuses such as stat increases, HP regen, SBB regen, etc.

Viewing Units


Equip/Sell Weapons: You can sell and equip weapons.

Pet: You can feed your pet to raise its level and view skills/passives of your pet. It varies depending if you’re at your Avatar or Rin’s profile.

Fusion: This type of fusion is different as you can fuse different materials to your weapons.

Evolution: Just like evolving units, you can evolve your weapons. There’s a difference as some weapons may branch off to more than just a single evolution option.

Enchantments:  Just like equipping spheres to your units, you can equip enchantments to your weapons which add various additional effects. Each weapon has a certain number of slots as well as a max limit, each enchantment takes up 1 slot and 1+ cost.

Learn Enchantments: To obtain enchantments, EP is required. EP can be obtained from book challenges and every time you beat a quest.


Library: Everything to read up on regarding the Lore of Brave Frontier is available here.

Merit Shop: Like BF1, you can spend your merit points to obtain metals/evo units, spheres, and consumables. You can obtain merit points by trading in Zel, units, and spheres. It’s recommended to not waste any merit points as these items can easily be obtainable through dungeons and crafting. So, save up those points!

Item Management: Lets you view items/spheres, edit loadouts, and view key items.  

Shop: In this shop you can buy metal/jewel keys, burst cookies (these are a replacement to Burst Frogs from BF1), with gems. If you do not want to waste gems, you can buy consumables using Zel along with increasing your unit/item/friend space.

Equipment Crafting: Here you can craft spheres, consumables, and weapons for your Avatar/Rin. You’ll need to obtain recipes to craft specific items, which the majority can be obtained from completing Book Challenges and advancing throughout the story.  

Merit Shop 


Friends: You can view players that have added you. There’s a maximum of 100 slots which can be expanded.

Followers:  Here you can view players that you follow.

Player Search: You can search for players using an ID and can view your own ID to share.

Friend Referrals: Using SNS, you can refer new players through a special link that rewards you a rare metal unit per successful referral.


The Menu can be accessed through the Home screen. Here you have access to creating an ALIM account and fixing or contacting ALIM regarding any account issues. Below are the many options you’ll have access to.

Friend Info: Account information that your friends can see.

Links: You can view banners that link to events.

Game Settings: Like BF1 settings, you can change various in-game options to optimize your gameplay.

Game Guide: This leads to the game guide.

Credits: The developer credits are displayed.

Manage Alim Account: Here you can create and link an existing Alim account to BF2.

Start Screen Re-Direct: Re-Directs to the start screen.

Questions: If you are encountering issues, you can contact or create a ticket.

Friend Info 

Change Username: Once you change your username, you must wait two weeks to change it again.

Change title: You can change the acquired title, this will be displayed to your friends.

Change profile info: Edits the information under your profile.

Change pet name: You can freely change your pet name at any time.

Edit avatar: Allows you to edit the gender and hairstyle of your avatar.

Change account Icon: Allows you to edit your current profile icon.

Manage Alim Account 

Creating an Alim account allows you to backup your current BF2 data. It also allows you to easily transfer to a different device using a transfer code which can be assigned at this screen and must be inserted through the start screen options.

Game Settings 

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