Code Geass director's original mecha anime Revisions coming in 2019

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Fuji Television has joined hands with Code Geass director, Taniguchi Goro, to launch an original TV anime project – Revisions (リヴィジョンズ).


Besides the participation of the famed director, Psycho Pass’ novelist Makoto Fukami and Wake Up, Girls’ illustrator Sunao Chikaoka have also been recruited. They are responsible for the scriptwriting and the character design respectively. The animation is now in the making at Shirogumi.

Revisions will air in January 2019.


“This is a prophecy: The five of you will have face a big crisis, and you will be the one to protect everyone.”

Daisuke Dojima was once abducted as a child. Now a high school student, he is caught up in the unimaginable along with his four childhood friends. Shibuya has jumped 300 years forward into the future. The cityscape in Japan has been replaced by abandoned land and endless forest. Humans have been replaced by a future species, namely Revisions, and their gigantic mecha.

The prophecy has become reality.


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