Ushio and Tora mangaka's long running work Karakuri Circus gets TV anime

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Another long-running work by Ushio and Tora’s mangaka Kazuhiro Fujita (藤田 和日郎), Karakuri Circus (からくりサーカス) is finally getting a TV anime series 12 years after its very last serialisation. 

Karakuri Circus

The news has not been confirmed, and yet an official announcement poster is already leaked on Weibo.

Karakuri Circus

According to the latest Weekly Shonen Sunday, the mangaka is going to unveil a big plan in the magazine’s next issue, which will be available on 14th March. It is generally believed to be the anime adaption mentioned in the poster shown above.

Karakuri Circus“In 2018, Kazuhiro Fujita will continue to bring surprises! Major announcement coming soon! ”
(Source: Weekly Shonen Sunday’s 15th Issue)

Karakuri Circus, serialised between 1997 and 2006, revolves around the war between Automatons and humans. A deviation from the more shonen oriented Ushio and Tora, this manga is much more violent and philosophical.

Shonen Sunday

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