SEEC's Tasokare Hotel Releases Official LINE Stickers!

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Today (12th March), SEEC released Official Tasokare Hotel (誰ソ彼ホテル) LINE Stickers! Fans of the series will be able to download the stickers on LINE by searching “TASOKARE HOTEL”.

The collection features a total of 40 stickers and is available for 50 coins (USD 0.99). SEEC fans will be able to express themselves on LINE using the new sticker collection which includes the characters from the game with a variety of different expressions and phrases.

LINE Download Link

About Tasokare Hotel

SEEC’s fourth puzzle escape game Players will take the role of “塚原音子” and work in a hotel that is located in between two different dimensions. Yet, somehow she doesn’t recall why and how she end up working there.

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