Final Fantasy Explorers-Force for mobile will launch on 15/3

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Square Enix‘s latest entry in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy Explorers-Force (ファイナルファンタジー エクスプローラーズ フォース), is coming on mobile on 15th March.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force

Explorers-Force is the mobile port of Final Fantasy Explorers on 3DS, but it actually shares quite a different system and gets an artistic makeover by Yoshitaka Amano, Final Fantasy’s long-term illustrator since 1987.


The game is an action RPG where players can join up to participate in real-time matches online. It offers different types of force, so that players can be either new characters or heroes from the past Final Fantasy titles.

■ Soldier Force

The original characters of various jobs, such as knights and mages.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force

■ Crystal Force

Heroes from the past Final Fantasy titles, such as Lightning and Squall.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force

■ Summon Force

Summon beasts that assist players during battles.

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force


Half a century ago, there was a war that involved two major powers.
It almost used up all Crystal Energy. Summoned beasts were everywhere.
The world was devastated.
When the war was finally over, an international peace organisation was set up.
Its army is called “Force”.
The fighters are “Soldiers” while those responsible for investigation are “Explorers”.

This is a story about a brave young man.
He resides in the country’s frontier alone.
Determined to join the Soldiers, he abandons his home.
But little does he know he will soon be caught up in a disaster.


Left to right: Rosetta Rostmayer (CV: Runa Onodera), Naozumi Kurokawa (CV: Takuya Nakashima), Gilbert Highwind (CV: Masato Ishihara)

Final Fantasy Explorers-Force

Left to right: Isla (CV: Aiko Ninomiya), Lana (CV: Aiko Ninomiya)


All pre-registration goals have been reached. Players can get about 3,000 crystals, ★5 Moogle sword, and many more rewards!

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