Bandai Namco Releases Overview Videos for Dragon Ball Z XKeeperZ

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Bandai Namco has released three new overview videos for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z browser game Dragon Ball Z XKeeperZ.

The three different video each cover a different topic, Adventure, Battle Basics, and Characters. each video is just under two minutes long and gives the bare minimum fans need to know about the game.

In Adventure mode, players will have to repel enemies that appear from Cross Gates. They will be able to freely create a team of four from their collection of Dragon Ball characters. Fulfilling Fortune Teller Baba’s prophecies will reward players with rewards.

In Battle Basics, the overview video Bandai Namco released shows the simple click control system of the new game. Like most mobile games, Dragon Ball Z
features a rock-paper-scissors like system (as seen above). players will be able to swap out the current character to gain an advantage over opponents. similarly, players can also swap out characters to change the flow of combat and create devastating combos.

The Characters video focuses more on the gacha and team composition. Starting with character rarity to auto set team options.

Dragon Ball Z: XKeeperZ is due out Spring 2018 in Japan for PC browser via Yahoo!’s game service. The game is now available for pre-registration on the official website.


Battle Basics


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