Cybird introdues new mobile otome title Ikemen Live

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Cybird, the maker of Ikemen Sengoku, is adding a new mobile game to its otome-oriented Ikemen Series. Instead of the recurring fantasy and historical setting, the coming title Ikemen Live: A Love Song in a Songless World (イケメンライブ 恋の歌をキミに) is a band story set in modern Japan.

Ikemen Live

Ikemen Live is said to be a “music x romance” simulation game. It is uncertain whether common rhythm game elements will be included.

Pre-registration is already open. Estimated launch schedule is 2018 Summer.


Music is being monitored. Musicians are being monitored. The Japanese have been deprived of the freedom to express themselves through song.

Under the reign of govenement’s music authority “Rindo”, many musicians move to a share house called Sakuragi, where the owner provides a secret base for them to perform.

When a girl finds out about these characteristic artists, they want to dedicate their best song to her…


HOUNDS and SilverVine are two bands that players can romance.

Ikemen Live

■ HOUNDS (left to right):
Left to right: Suo Gaki (CV: Yuki Kaji), Shinonome Eisuke (CV: Kisho Taniyama), Ginnami Ritsu (CV: Shota Aoi), Suma Haruto (CV: KENN)

■ SilverVine (left to right):
Mashiro Kanade (CV: Toshinari Fukamach), Chigusa Kyoichiro (CV: Kento Ito) Amamiya Henri (CV: Genki Okawa)

Ikemen Live


■ Share house “Sakuragi” residents (left to right):
Mokuran Shuji (CV: Taichi Ichikawa), Aizumi Koki (CV: Takashi Kondo)

■ Music authority “Rindo” officers (left to right):
Fujishiro Meguru (CV: Takaya Kuroda), Ginnami Yuzuru (CV: Keisuke Ueda), Tsubaki Makoto (CV: Yuki Ono)

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