Aniplex's new project Akanesasu Shojo includes mobile game and TV anime

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Aniplex is 20 years old this year! To celebrate the occasion, it is planning an anniversary multimedia project – Akanesasu Shojo (あかねさす少女).

Akanesasu Shojo

Akanesasu Shojo is written by Kotaro Uchikoshi (Ever17), and the characters are designed by Masakazu Katsura and Hiroyuki Asada. According to the visual released, the story seems to be about a heroine who meets her other self.

Akanesasu Shojo“The meeting between me and my other self signifies my departure from the normal world.”

While nothing about the mobile game is known so far, the TV anime has already revealed some details. It is currently directed by Jin Tmamura at DandeLion Animation Studio. Yasukawa Shogo has replaced Uchikoshi to write the screenplay. The release date is uncertain.

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