Mobile BL game 10 Count Another Days is now live on Ameba

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Rihito Takarai’s (宝井理人) BL manga 10 Count has finally released the first adventure mobile game – 10 Count: Another Days (テンカウント another days)! It is now playable exclusively on Ameba’s mobile site, which means it is incompatible with desktop browsers.

10 Count Another Days

In the manga that finished in late 2017, Tadaomi Shirotani suffers from Mysophobia and a psychological trauma he got as a kid. Riku Kurose, a psychologist, meets Shirotani by chance, and decides to help him by listing out ten goals that he has to achieve. The relationship quickly becomes intimate.


Besides the protagonists mentioned above, the game also has two exclusive new character.

10 Count Another Days

■ Masaya Fuwa: Takuya Sato (left)
■ Shiki Natsuya: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (right)

10 Count Another Days

■ Tadaomi Shirotani: Shinnosuke Tachibana

10 Count Another Days

■ Riku Kurose: Tomoaki Maeno

Setting up Ameba Account

The game requires an Ameba account for saving progress. Players can simply follow the steps below and create one with Gmail.

1. Open the game’s page and select Gmail.

10 Count Another Days

2. Fill in details as required.

10 Count Another Days

3. Players are suggested to tick the box to protect their privacy.

10 Count Another Days

4. The game is officially launched.

10 Count Another Days

5. The progress is autumatically saved so players won’t lose their files after closing the window.

Play 10 Count on Ameba

Official Site

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