My Hero Academia The Movie confirms title and plot

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Previously announced in Jump Festa 2018, My Hero Academia’s first anime movie has confirmed the title to be My Hero Academia The Movie: Hutari no Hero (僕のヒーローアカデミア THE MOVIE ~2人の英雄~).

My Hero Academia The Movie

The TV anime’s director Kenji Nagasaki and scriptwriter Yosuke Kuroda have returned to join the staff at Bones studio. The production is supervised by the original mangaka Kohei Horikoshi (堀越 耕平), who has written an original story for the movie.

My Hero Academia the Movie

In the first visual released in Jump Festa, a mysterious Blonde-hair character is seen walking alongside the U.A. High School students. Now that the plot has been revealed, she is likely to be the new character – Melissa.

My Hero Academia The Movie: Hutari no Hero will premiere on 3rd August 2018.


The members of U.A. High School spend the holiday together at Summer camp.
Meanwhile, Deku and All Might are invited by “that person” to visit the floating city “I Island”, where a science Hollywood is held for scientists to showcase their latest hero item inventions.
There, Deku meets Melissa, a plain, uncharacteristic girl similar to himself.
Suddenly, someone hacks the island’s security system and take everyone hostage.
An earthquake in the hero world is about to begin.
And the key to crush such a conspiracy is All Might.

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