Imas VS Love Live: Idolmaster fan drags Love Live toy behind his car

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War happens everyday in Japan.

We already have Kantai Collection VS Azur Lane. Sometimes we also have Pokémon VS Digimon, and even Slam Dunk VS Kuroko’s Basketball. War, war everywhere in the anime world.

The Idolmaster (styled as THE IDOLM@STER) and Love Live battle has long been there, but it wasn’t until a fan’s rather impulsive action recently that the battle got fierce again.


The incident happened in Ota, Tokyo a few days ago. An ita car, meaning cars with anime paint jobs, was spotted dragging a Love Live’s Rin Hoshizora stuffed toy around (credit to Machi for the name correction). This may not be problematic if it was a Love Live ita car.

Regrettably, it was an Idolmaster ita car.

IdolmasterPoor Rin at the back of the said Idolmaster ita car
(Source: @SPC_pile_jp)

On that day, High School Fleet was holding a special event nearby. As a result, many unfortunate Otaku had to witness such a barbaric, cruel scene. Some of them were not happy with how this Idolmaster producer (player’s role in the game) dissed another franchise. They caught the crime scene on camera and called him a “fool”.

It may have been a joke in other countries. In Japan, such actions are considered seriously disrespectful. The producer is of course condemned by many, but a war between Idolmaster and Love Live is also on the way.

So, be careful when you visit Japan as a profession Otaku. You are welcome to criticise mildly and in a roundabout way, but never diss a franchise in public – unless you are ready for online fame in Japan.

Japanese Netizen Comments

“This is terrible.”

“Violation of traffic regulations.”

“Die Imas pig (fans)!”

“After certain voice actresses got married, changed agency, and one was even found out to be a former porn star, Love Live can never be revived. The sequel is also dead. This era belongs to Imas. Love Live is already in the past.”


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