GungHo's New Mobile TCG Chrono Ma:Gia Now Available for Download!

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Creators of Puzzle & Dragon, GungHo, has released their new mobile TCG title, Chrono Ma:Gia (クロノマギア)! The new game will support Japanese and English and is available for iOS and Android.

Chrono Ma:Gia

Chrono Ma:Gia is supervised and produced by the person behind Puzzle & Dragon – Daike Yamamoto. According to the video, players have three fields for placing the creatures/cards they wish to use. Ranging from knights and dragons, to magic cards for buff, all cards differ in power and ability.

Chrono Ma:gia

Asides from collecting cards, players are also able to collect the Gifted. They are players’ characters that possess various skills, which makes choosing a character a part of the strategy too.

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