Fire Emblem World of Tharcia Heroes and New Update!

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Earlier today (10th April), Nintendo released a new video featuring new heroes that will be introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes, as well as a live-stream which gave an overview on upcoming updates for the game.

Fire Emblem Heroes

The new heroes that will be introduced to the game include Prince of Leonster – Leif, Nordion Princess – Nanna, and Righteous Knight – Olwen. The new characters originate from Fire Emblem: Tharcia 776.

In addition to the heroes mentioned above, the game will also introduce additional new heroes including Lance of Legend – Finn and Thunder’s Sword – Reinhardt.

In the Fire Emblem live-stream (FEH Channel Apr. 9, 2018), new weapon skills have been introduced alongside new updates, changes, and upcoming events that will be coming to the game. Watch the FEH Channel below to find out what the game has instore in the next update:

World of Tharcia Heroes Trailer (Japanese):

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