Compile Heart Launches New Official Virutual YouTuber!

Mr. Qoo

yesterday (10th April), Compile Heart released a teaser video announcing that they will be revealing a “Compile Heart’s Ultimate Weapon” today (11th April).

Today, Compile Hearts revealed that the Ultimate Weapon they teased yesterday is Ileheart, the company’s official Virtual YouTuber. Ileheart is designed by the lead character designer of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, Tsunako (つなこ). Ileheart is created in collaboration with MoldWorks, a 3D CG production company.

Compile Heart

In the first video released on the new YouTube Channel, Ileheart explains that the channel will be introducing new games from the company as well as an interview corner.

Birth of Virtual VTuber Ileheart

Ileheart Official Site

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