Jumputi Heroes Celebrates 1,000,000 Downloads!

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WonderPlanet and LINE’s Jumputi Heroes announced today (12th April) that the game has already surpassed 1,000,000 downloads!


In celebration of this wonderful milestone, the game will be introducing a new character, Son Goku (Non-Super Saiyan)! Starting from 13th April 15:00 JST until 23rd April 14:59 JST, players will be able to complete a special mission scratch card which will reward players with the new five-star character upon completion. During the event period, players will also receive one free draw per day!

The new non-Super Saiyan Goku’s special move will be the iconic Spirit Bomb (Genki Dama) and his support skill will turn eight random bubbles into blue bubbles.

JUMP氣泡 英雄集結

JUMP氣泡 英雄集結

JUMP氣泡 英雄集結

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