How to Get Free Son Goku in Jumputi Heroes

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In celebration of the game reaching 1,000,000 downloads, Jumputi Heroes has introduced a new Son Goku non-Super Saiyan five-star character (read more here). To get the new character, players will have to complete a Mission Scratch Card/Bingo Card as a community.

[Top Left] Retweet Event Post 10,000
[Top Mid] Power Up Characters x 4,200,000
[Top Right] Awaken Characters x 170,000
[Mid Left] Earn 600,000,000 Coins
[Mid Mid] Clear EXP Event Stage x1,800,000
[Mid Right] Participate in Co-Op x250,000
[Bottom Left] Clear Daily Missions 5,000,000
[Bottom Mid] Clear Hell Difficulty Stages x 1,250,000
[Bottom Right] Spend 75,000,000 Stamina

Clear 1 Line – 50 Rubies
Clear 2 Lines – 100 Rubies
Clear 5 Lines – 150 Rubies
Cleat All Missions – Five-Star Earth-Raised Saiyan – Son Goku (Non-Super Saiyan)

JUMP氣泡 英雄集結

In addition to the Mission Bingo, a list of Event Missions will also be available:

– Awaken Character x1 – Reward: Five-Star Soul Summon Ticket
– Awaken Character x2 – Reward:  Six-Star Rainbow Jump Soul x5
– Awaken Character x3 – Reward: 25 Rubies
– Raise Character Skill x1 – Reward: 25 Rubies
– Raise Character Skill x4 – Reward: Skill Scroll x1
– Raise Character Skill x6 – Reward: 50 Rubies
– Raise Character Skill x8 – Reward: Skill Scroll x2
– Raise Character Skill x12 – Reward: Three-Star + Summon Ticket
– Raise Character Skill x16 – Reward: Skill Scroll x3
– Raise Character Skill x30 – Reward: 100 Rubies
– Clear a Hel Difficulty Stage – Reward: 50 Rubies

Additionally, in celebration of reaching 1,000,000 downloads, there will be two special Ruby Packs available in the in-game store.

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