"All-Girls History" Mobile RPG AlterRecord Adjustment Pre-Registration Begins!

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LOCKER Games new turn-based mobile tactical RPG AlterRecrod Adjustment has launched their pre-registration event today (16th April)!

The game is based on historical world events, with all the historical figures replaced with a female version. Players will have to team up with these female versions of historical figures to create a team to repel the enemy forces who are trying to change history!

Akechi Mitsuhide

World Setting

AlterRecord Adjustment

Hidden within the great Alexandria Library (アレクサンドリア図書館) created by the gods is records of the true history of the world that contains the souls and epic historical figures, the “Original Books”.

Changes made in these Original Books will change the history itself or worse, completely destroy history. This is what the god of malicious intent desires, the Shimi-fication (シミ(紙魚)化) of the Original Books.

Shimi-fication is a process that exploits the thoughts, regrets, and negative emotions of the souls sealed within the Original Book to pollute it. Polluted souls will corrupt and destroy history, creating chaos.

Players are summoned by Begriff and burdened with the important task of entering the great Alexandria Library and cleansing the affected souls.

Pre-Registration Rewards

Basic: Arcane Gems x50
20,000: Arcane Gems x150
50,000: Arcane Gems x300
70,000: Plutarch + Arcane Gems x750
100,000: SR Character Empress Josephine
150,000: More Rewards will be announced!

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