Shueisha X Altplus mobile game SIN-EN RESIST opens teaser site

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Weekly Shonen Jump’s publisher Shueisha previously announced a mobile game together with Altplus. Today, a teaser site is open and the title is confirmed to be SIN-EN RESIST (シンエンレジスト).


SIN-EN RESIST is a battle RPG set for release in 2018. The site reveals a story introduction and a short introduction video that says little about the background.  Mangaka Yoshiki Naruse, who is serialising Rapaz Theme Park on Ultra Jump, is responsible for the character design and the plot.


In a wasteland, there are some guys wielding their weapons.
Bleeding, heart breaking, friends dying.
To survive, they must start a rebellion.
The guys, and you too, are up against the oppressed world.

Official Site

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