TV anime Shichisei no Subaru will air in July 2018

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Light novel Shichisei no Subaru (七星のスバル) announced a TV anime adaption recently. Today, it is confirmed that the show will come out on 5th July 2018.

Shichisei no Subaru

Written by Noritake Tao (田尾典丈), the story revolves around an MMORPG called Union. A guild consisting of elementary school students used to be glorious and legendary, but everything changed after a member, Asahi Kuga, died in the real world following her death in the game. Six years later, Union is no longer operational, and the members are no longer together. Now a high school student, Haruto Amo starts playing Union’s sequel Re’Union on his own. Strangely, the dead friend once again appears before him.

Shichisei no SubaruHaruto Amo
Shichisei no SubaruAsahi Kuga
Shichisei no SubaruSatsuki Usui

The anime is now directed by Nishoji Yoshihito at Lerche. A detailed cast list will be revealed in a livestream in June.

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