Bandai Namco is making a Black Clover mobile game

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While the PS4 game is still under development, Bandai Namco has already had another Black Clover game in planning. This time, it’s a mobile title called Black Clover: Infinite Knights (ブラッククローバー 夢幻の騎士団), coming in 2018.

Black Clover: Mugen no Kishidan

Mugen no Kishidan is a tile-based RPG consisting of characters from White Night Eye, Magic Knights and Diamond Kingdom. Not much is available at the moment.

Black Clover is written and illustrated by Yuki Tabata (田畠裕基), and has been published by Weekly Shonen Jump since 2015. The official English description on the magazine reads…

“In a world where magic was everything, there was a boy born unable to use any magic, and he had been abandoned to a poor church as a child. His name was Asta.

To prove oneself and to keep his promise with his friend, he aims to become the Wizard King!

An all-time favorite young and magical fantasy drawn with a beautiful touch and moved by its passionate characters!”

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