Tencent Announces New Mobile Game Projects Featuring Epic 90's Titles!

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In addition to announcing that they will be bringing Fornite to China, in the past couple of days, Tencent has announced new mobile game projects that bring back iconic titles from the 90’s to modern mobile gaming!

Bringing back the classic Command and Conquer: Red Alert from 1996, Tencent announced that they will be releasing Red Alert Online, a mobile adaptation of the classic strategy game. An official website for the game has already been released along with an Announcement Trailer which gives fans a brief idea of what to expect in the mobile adaptation. With the appearance of Yuri in the announcement trailer and Tanya in some of the key arts for the game, it seems like Tencent is staying true to the original 90’s Red Alert!

Another 90’s title that Tencent will be releasing is Samurai Shodown. SNK has announced that a new Samurai Shodown mobile game titled Samurai Shodown: Oboruzuki Densetsu (Samurai Spirits) will be released for mobile. The game will be developed by Ledo and Tencent will be distributing the game exclusively!

Players will be able to choose between different classes in Samurai Shodown: Oboruzuki Densetsu, from swordsman and ninja to maiden. Previous characters from the series will also make an appearance in the new game, including Haomaru, Ukyo Tachibana, and Nakoruru.

And finally, another major title that Tencent will be releasing on mobile is a new Hunter x Hunter mobile game. The new mobile game is will be an MMO action game where players will be able to master Nen. Each Hunter will fall into one of the 6 nen types from the series (Enhancement, Transmutation, Conjuration, Specialization, Manipulation, and Emission), hunters will be able to learn all sorts of different skills, but skills of the same nen type will be easier to learn.

So far, no release dates have been announced for the new mobile games.

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