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Gap Moe

Early on in this series, we explored the definition of Moe. Now we take a look at Gap Moe. Just what exactly is Gap Moe and how does it differ with just Moe?


Whilst Moe focuses on the way a character acts normally to evoke an attraction from the audience, Gap Moe is a moment in which a character acts in a contradicting manner from their usual self. The difference in the way the character acts is what causes the Gap Moe. The Gap effect is the feeling that the audience feels when a character acts in a different way which makes the audience look at the character in a new light.

Gap Moe vs. Tsundere

Tsundere is a character type which lives of Gap Moe. Normally, the characters act in a way which and when they show affections towards another character, it becomes a gap moe.

The problem with this is that Tsundere is quite an overplayed character type which makes it quite obvious to the audience. The Gap Moe affect is still there, but most of the audience is already expecting it, making it less dramatic.


Black Lagoon – Roberta gentle flowery smile after several episodes of pure violence

Love Live! Maki Nishikino a mature character who still believes Santa.

Other typical examples include characters who change from wearing glasses to wearing contacts (vice verse) or a character who lets down their hair for the first time ever.

What is your most memorable Gap Moe moment?

Anything else you want us to explain? let us know in the comments!

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