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Unlike the other characters mentioned, the origins of Catwoman, Selina Kyle, hasn’t received any major changes, the way her origins are presented to us are also quite different. Instead of having the whole story in one arc, new information was added to her origin over the years.

Catwoman Origin

Video Version:

Catwoman, Selina Kyle, was born into a broken family. Her distant mother commits suicide, and her father drinks himself to death. For a while she lives on the streets, committing petty theft to survive. Soon later, she is caught and sent to a Juvenile detention center.

During her time at the Juvenile detention center, she discovers that the administrator of the center has been embezzling funds. Using evidence she stole, she blackmails the administrator into removing her name from the city’s record before escaping the center.

In her early adult life, she worked as a dominatrix to survive. After witnessing her pimp and former boyfriend’s crimes, out of fear for her life, she takes self-defense classes and inspires to be more than what she is now.

When she leaves her pimp, he gives her a cat costume. wearing the costume to hide her identity, she goes back to burglary and a run-in with Batman inspired her to become Catwoman.

Although her past is almost nothing but tragedy, Catwoman is often seen with a whimsical and flirtatious personality. Despite being a criminal, Catwoman is ultimately good at heart, leading her to act for the greater good in times of crisis in multiple DC storylines. This is most likely why she is an Alliance character in the new DC Unchained game for iOS/Android.

Catwoman in DC Unchained

In the game, Catwoman is a Speed type character. Her Unique Skill nullifies Affinity Bonus and lowers Tag Resource when the team is formed with members of the same type (three Speed Characters).

Active Skills:

Lashes her whip four times at enemies. Enemies at the end of the attack range take additional damage.

Slippery Thief
Dash around and leave caltrops that lasts for 5 seconds. The caltrops deal damage and slow enemies.

Surprise Attack
Move around and attack nearby enemies three times.

Survival Instinct
Swipes the enemy in front of Catwoman three times.

Femme Fatale [EX Skill]
Increase Crit Hit Rate, Movement SPeed, and Attack Speed at the cost of lowered Defense until EX Gauge Depletes. Gains Super Armor Status whilst effect is active.

Catwoman is an agile character in DC Unchained. Like Batman, Catwoman doesn’t have any “superpowers” and relies on skill, technique, and tools, so it is no surprise that in comparison to other heroes. Unfortunately, she’s not as rich as Batman, so she is incredibly weak. With a low damage output, Catwoman is more of a hit-and-run type character. Due to the fact that two of her skills depend on enemies’ position to deal optimal damage, she isn’t really a character that suited for auto. Caltrops is technically useful in PvP due to the large area it affects, but there are much better characters in PvP than Catwoman.

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