Honkai Impact 3rd New Update Introduces New Content "Sakura Samsara"

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A new patch has just arrived to Honkai Impact 3rd! The new patch introduces new content, titled Sakura Samsara, will being a new Valkyrie, Yae Sakura, as well as new games modes tired to the new character. Find out more about the new patch below.

<<Official Honkai Impact 3rd Press Release>>

On 9th May, a new patch arrived to the Global version of Honkai Impact 3rd! The new patch introduces a new character, Miko Yae Sakura, along with a new game mode that tells her tale as she goes from a small village engulfed in Sakura flowers to protecting the world from the Honkai invasion. Additionally, new extra story “Nine Realms Sanctuary” will also be available. This challenging side story will reward players with powerful weapons and Stigmata.

The new character is nothing to scoff at. With high base damages and an insane level of usefulness across all the game modes the game has to offer. There will also be two new Valkyries added to the game, an A-rank Valkyrie named Gyakushinn Miko and an S-rank Valkyrie called Goushinnso Memento. Miko is a creature-type melee Valkyrie that eliminates enemies with her marking abilities. Memento is a mecha-type melee Valkyrie that manipulates kinetic energy to inflict mid-ranged area-of-effect ice attacks on her foes.

Honkai Impact 3

Open World

The new extra story will be introduced through the new open world beta game mode. It unveils a new world with no boundaries. Players can explore the Open World, unravel Sakura’s untold stories while collecting valuable materials to further enhance Valkyries.

  • Adventure Request: Accept a wide variety of quests and earn valuable rewards including Valkyrie fragments!
  • Shrine Exchange: Forge and fuse materials collected from adventure tasks to get rare weapons and stigmata, you can also get Yae Sakura’s Soul.
  • Gourmet Festival: Captains can collect all sorts of ingredients in the Open World, then cook power-up/recovery dishes. You can use these dishes to recover SP and HP or add buffs to your Valkyries during the Samsara exploration.

In addition to all the new goodies being added to the game, there will also be two new weapons added to the armory for Yae Sakura. The Ice Epiphyllum & Sakura Blossom will both demonstrate Yae Sakura’s A and S-rank Valkyrie’s abilities in battle. There will also be new weapons and stigmata, like the Higokumaru, who is Sakura Samsara’s exclusive partner.

The games co-op mode has also been upgraded, with voice chat becoming available and the co-op stages being replaced with an auto-matchmaking mode. There is also the addition of a new Wishing Well, to help make getting all the stigma set during UP easier. There have also been numerous upgrades to the shop and other quality of life improvements to the game.

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