Wake Up, Girls! mobile browser game coming in Summer 2018

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Idol franchise Wake Up, Girls! is getting a browser game on online game platform Rakuten Games. It will come out in Summer 2018.

Wake Up, Girls!

Titled Wake Up Girls!, Shinsei no Tenshi (Wake Up, Girls! 新星の天使), it is a Live 2D idol rhythm game in which players need to help the girls from Wake Up, Girls! Shin Sho achieve more as a producer! The story here and the TV anime share the same setting – Sendai, but it features a history and a present that have never been shown before.

Being a producer is more than just taking the girls to perform live and breeding them. Players must compete with each other and have their idols climb the ranks – which can be seen by everyone in the game!
Wake Up, Girls!

Wake Up, Girls!


Players will receive various in-game items if the pre-registration miles are reached. The ultimate goal is 150,000 players, and once the goal is reached a SR Marine Shark Airi Hayashida will be given to players.

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