BanG Dream! gets 2 more anime seasons and a male band

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Bushiroad’s mobile rhythm game Bang Dream! (バンドリ!) is making two new seasons for its TV anime adaption!

BanG Dream!

In January 2019, fans will get BanG Dream! 2nd Season and in October of the same year, BanG Dream! 3rd Season will begin.

BanG Dream! 2nd Season

The previsouly announced mini TV anime series, Girls Band Party!★PICO has confirmed the release date to be 5th July this year. In this program, the Bang Dream! idols all appear in chibi-style.

BanG Dream!

Girls Band Party!★PICO

Besides, Bushiroad is currently planning a new project for the franchise. Contrary to the original all-female bands, the new project features an all-male band called Argonavis. There are five members voiced by Shuta Morishima, Seiji Maeda, Daisuke Hyuga, and two unrevealed voice actors.

Bang Dream!

Argonavis will make their debut live show in July 2018.


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