Captain Tsubasa EP 5: Manga Comparison

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Captain Tsubasa

The hype for the inter-school tournament is off the roof! With just a few days left before the start of the
game, team Nankatsu is practicing their hearts out. With the arrival of the miracle shooter, Tsubasa, the
light at the end of the tunnel is more reachable now than ever before. Continue reading for the many
new additions to the fifth animated episode of Captain Tsubasa!

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Early Morning Practice

Tsubasa’s new morning routine is kicked off with a practice session! Practicing one on one with Roberto,
it’s heavily emphasized in the anime that this is a daily regime. While the practice session is only
mentioned once in the manga, the anime extensively showcases it.

The Truth of Roberto’s Trip to Japan

Captain Tsubasa

In the manga, it’s implied that Roberto traveled to Japan to retire. In the anime, Roberto explains to
Tsubasa’s mother that he was to be examined by an eye specialist that Captain Oozora recommended
him to. Which shortly after his diagnosis, news of his retirement followed once he was aware about the
dangers of playing in the field.

Nankatsu Dribbling Practice

Captain Tsubasa

With the players of team Nankatsu learning how to dribble, each member showcases their struggles of
trying to make it to school in the morning while dribbling. Being very careful and many trying to not get
lost on their way to school, each member has an individual struggle that they’re overcoming with
practice. In the manga, this is only shown by how tardy each player arrives at school.

Manabu’s Tardiness

Captain Tsubasa

Looks like Manabu had the toughest time dribbling! Showing up tardy to class but with great news to
inform the team about. Manabu shares the news he overheard from a few players at Mizukoshi
Elementary regarding Shutetsu’s after school practice game. In the manga, Manabu doesn’t interrupt
the class and the school is already aware of Shutetsu’s after school practice session before Manabu
mentions it.

Shutetsu Practice Match

Captain Tsubasa

The Nankatsu team head to Shuutetsu ’s soccer field to witness their practice match. Only to find out that Wakabayashi is not the goalkeeper in the match. As he’s practicing to soon defeat Tsubasa at the inter-school tournament. In the manga, there’s not much information regarding the match while in the anime, it’s highlighted well that Shuutetsu is ahead with three points against the opposing team.

Shuutetsu Quartet

Captain Tsubasa

Aside from the all-star goalkeeper of Shuutetsu, there are four more players that create the prestigious
team. With their skills shown off in greater detail in the anime as opposed to the manga, these players
are Takasugi Shingo, Izawa Mamoru, Taki Hajime, and Kisugi Teppei. These four players make up the
Shuutetsu Quartet!

Wakabayashi Late-night Practice Session

Wakabayashi’s practice sessions are barely mentioned in the panels of the manga. In the anime, his
effort and skills are presented as he’s blocking each soccer ball from making it across the net. His father
is ruthless as ever and motivates him to keep improving his speed.

Ryo’s Reflection

Captain Tsubasa

This is an entirely new scene portrayed in the anime. Ryo is in bed reading the new edition of “World
Winner Eleven” as he contemplates the team’s efforts and struggles. Pushing his doubts away, he’s
determined as ever to continue playing for Nankatsu and not giving up!

Nankatsu Team Intense Practice Sessions

Captain Tsubasa

Having more faith than ever on coach Roberto, Nankatsu pushes themselves to the limit each day as
they get closer to the inter-school tournament date. With each passing day, a new practice session is
highlighted, and each player is shown improving a necessary skill that they may be lacking. As progress is being made, each player is happier than ever as the day arrives to beat their longtime rivals.

Captain Tsubasa

One episode is left for Nankatsu to finally go up against Shuutetsu in the soccer field! Bursting full of
excitement, look forward to Captain Tsubasa Episode Six: Kick-Off! Nankatsu vs. Shuutetsu.


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