Rika Tsuzuki (SKE48), Nagisa Sakaguchi (AKB48), and Mao Mita (NMB48) Cast in 3D RPG Five Kingdom

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CREEK & River Korea and liica’s upcoming 3D RPG, Five Kingdom (FIVE KINGDOM 偽りの王国), has announced today (14th May) that idols Rika Tsuzuki from SKE4, Nagisa Sakaguchi from AKB48, and Mao Mita from NMB48 will be part of the voice acting cast for the upcoming game!


Five Kingdom was initially released in Korea under the name The Tale of Five Kingdom. The game is a collectible RPG with 3d models. each character has different skills and their stat can be improved by equipping them with a variety of different items. Asides from the main storyline, players will be able to participate in different game modes including PvP battles and Raids.

AiKaBu Collaboration

As the game is scheduled to localize in Japan, they have announced that asides from working with different voice actors/actresses, the game will collaborate with AiKaBu, the official AKB48 Idol Stock Market app. During 27th April until 11th May, fans could vote for their favorite idol by charging money in the app under their favorite idol’s name. The top 3 idols will be selected to voice new characters in the upcoming game, and as mentioned before, the top idols are Rika Tsuzuki (都築里佳) from SKE4, Nagisa Sakaguchi (坂口渚沙) from AKB48, and Mao Mita (三田麻央)from NMB48.


Five Kingdom is currently available for pre-registration and is scheduled for release in Summer 2018.

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