37games' MMORPG Legend of Rings Pre-Registration Begins!

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On 15th May, 37games officially launched the pre-registration for their new mobile fantasy MMORPG, Legend of Rings (レジェンドオブリング).

Legend of Rings

Legend of Rings revolves around hunting monsters and treasures. Players play as a member of “Eternity”, a group that consists of members from different races, fighting for the 25 legendary rings to fight against the invading dark forces.

Pre-Registration Rewards

5,000: In-game items worth 360 yen
10,000: In-game items worth 720 yen
30,000: In-game items worth 1140 yen
60,000: In-game items worth 2160 yen
100,000: In-game items worth 2880 yen

Legend of Rings PVs

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