Pre-registration for The King of Fighters: World on mobile is live now

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SNK’s The King of Fighters has come back with a new work on mobile, and this time, it is a MMORPG titled The King of Fighters: World!

The King of Fighters: World

The game is already released in China last year. This version run by Wegames is the traditional Chinese port exclusive to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. Players will be able to choose whatever classic characters they like and engage in 3D battles against NPC.

For getting more excitement, players can join two other players through online matching and engage in 3vs3 real time battles.

The King of Fighters: World

The King of Fighters: World

Players can also enjoy some simulation features for a rather relaxing experience. Under the disguise of good looking heroes, players can feel free to roam around the world of The King of Fighters, dress up fashionably and even purchase cars.

Pre-registration is already open. It will arrive within 2018.

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